What to wear for a “CEO package”
Representing your look in the best light

There are a lot of stereotypes, do’s and don’t’ about what to wear for a photo shoot. Some might say that it is not a good idea to wear narrow stripes, busy patterns or layers of the same color because the camera does not pick them up well. We say throw these old ideals out of the window, it is an outdated way of thinking and it’s not a problem for a modern camera anymore. If you want you can wear it (and of course if it represents the style of the shoot)!

A few general tips:

  • Make sure your clothes are pressed and clean
  • Try new clothes on before photoshoot
  • Do not wear baggy, bulky, saggy or otherwise ill-fitting clothing

What to wear?

There is definitely no right answer to this, it will all depend on the following questions:

1. What these photos are for? (Why am I doing it?)
2. What are my personal preferences (style)?
3. How do I want to look on camera?

Let’s go through those questions together.

1. What these photos are for?

First, of course, you have to know and understand what these photos are for and where you plan to use them. It might be for your LinkedIn profile, for your company website, a new job you are applying for, or simply for yourself. You have to know your audience and what is appropriate or expected in those circles. Do your homework! For example, if it is a conservative law firm, then obviously a good suit would be a better fit than a t-shirt and jeans.  In one word you have to understand the environment around you when you are deciding on which outfits to bring to a shoot. Of course if your life and work require you to be conservative and casual at the same time, bring different varieties of clothes and the photographer can capture and show the different sides of you.

2. What are my personal preferences?

By this we mean that when you are thinking of what to wear to a shoot always rely on your own stylistic and individual preferences; you know yourself best! You might have your own favorite color that you would love to see on photos or you know that a midi length skirt fits your look better. Follow your own instincts and preferences, in the end you might be disappointed if you haven’t listened to yourself and your instincts when it comes to representing your individual and unique style.

3. How do I want to look on camera?

You will always have to consider your goals when you pick a perfect outfit. This is not just a photo shoot, but an investment in yourself and in your future! Don’t be shy, gather inspiration, and invest in yourself - even if that includes an outfit that you might’ve never bought before, but that you absolutely love, this is the opportunity to wear it! Through the camera, this is the opportunity to open and transform yourself, with the goal to open new professional doors, dreams, and opportunities!

If you are still hesitant on what to wear, we put together some looks for you to take a further look and be inspired!: