If you’re feeling tremendously lucky and ready to take some real chances in finding a hobbyist photographer who is truly talented at taking photos that capture the best in an individual, then no, it might not make any difference to you if you hire a professional photographer or not. For most people, though, people who are less adventurous and are serious about presenting incredible headshots, it is better not to take any chances. Why? To put it simply, beyond getting your photographs taken, you should also consider the nature of the “service” given.

In a cutthroat business like acting, any advantage you have over your competitors can be tremendously significant.

Think about it this way: what type of photographer will aim to give you the best service possible? The photographer who makes their living at the profession and whose reputation depends on it, or the person who happens to have a camera for a hobby, already works full-time in another job, and is trying to score a few extra bucks.

Professional photographers who care about their reputation know that their reputation and customer testimonials and referrals are a crucial aspect of the business. They know that quality service is essential to an excellent reputation, and they will do a variety of things, like looking out for your general comfort level during the shoot to delivering the photographs you paid for on time, in order to build that reputation.

Pay special attention to the importance of going with a professional. It isn’t just about the photographer being able to take a good photo. A skilled photographer will be able to help you relax for the camera, evoke the best looks and poses out of you, and will make suggestions about what works and what doesn’t work to accentuate your best features and traits through the camera lens.

On the other hand, someone who is just doing headshots and photography in his or her free time usually won’t have the same incentive to give their clients 100% of their attention and effort.