Once you’ve had your headshots taken, you might think your job is done and it’s time to start sending out those acting resumes. However, you aren’t quite done yet. What you have to think about now is retouching, making certain alterations to your photo to improve it or remove imperfections.

As stated earlier, this is not a glamour shot and you shouldn’t go removing moles, freckles, or scars in your headshot photos. While you might be tempted to make just a couple of minor changes to these natural characteristics, as an actor you must make sure that you look like your headshot.

Are you just looking for the delight of being called in for an audition because of your flawless headshot, even if you eventually get turned down because you have misrepresented yourself? Or, would you rather be called in with the confidence that you and your headshot resemble each other accurately, and it is now up to you and your chops as an actor to land the role? The latter mindset will usually be more effective and successful.

Understand this: not every photographer knows what they are doing when it comes to headshots, and knows what changes they should and should not make to a photo. Every photographer’s secret dream is for you to look your absolute best, so an amateur photographer (or one without significant experience shooting headshots) will often eradicate any “flaws” in your headshot without thinking about it. This is why it is important to have this discussion with your photographer about retouching, and not leave it completely at their discretion.