In the game of chess, if you can think ahead even with just one move, you can win the game. Think about success as the ultimate prize. You have to always look forward for a better opportunity; and as your experiences grow, so does your choices. How do you make it happen? Here are the answers:

1. Maintain your Resume like pruning a garden
A well-kept garden is free from weeds and stays always green. Your Resume must always be updated even if for the slightest moment that you think you’re simply irreplaceable on your company. Track your progress, your awards and most importantly your contributions and neatly stack them to your growing list of achievements. Having your Resume ready, means that you can always look for better pastures and even make demands if given better opportunities. And don't forget that an updated resume and a professional headshot are essential for your career.

2. Stay ahead of the game
Keep an eye on the trends and use technology to analyze data. Look for the open positions that your company has and understand the very nature of your job. Nobody on your company will tell you in advance that you’re soon going to be replaced by a robot hence all the other companies will probably do the same. The only way out is to arm yourself with new skills, perhaps upgrade what you already know by attending seminars on your spare time. If the open positions on your company are more attractive than your current job, then acquire the necessary skills.

3. Grow your professional network
Remember that when it comes to careers, you’re only as good as what the others think of you. No matter how good you are, if no one vouches for you, you’re as good as the next person on the list. Besides, you can always discover more opportunities through networking. Your network acts as support, perhaps a breeding ground for new ideas like knowing what additional skills to acquire to ensure that you can always get another job when things go south.

4. Think positive and act on it
Thinking positive means thinking about the things that you want and not what you fear. If you fear that your job is being threatened, your performance suffers. Remember that your thoughts can practically affect the reality. Staying updated with trends and surrounding yourself with a good network, means that you’ll always see better opportunities thus success will always be within your reach.