Photographers play an important part in the makeup world. They work hand-in-hand together to ensure that the final aspect of a brilliant photography setting in the makeup mainstream is easily accomplished. Many photographers, particularly those of the male realm, lack even the simplest ideas how to apply makeup or what such makeup adds to a particular image as such. Many of them think all you have to do is simply remove scars and blemishes and then add a subtle color in Photoshop. The makeup industry demands more than that, and for your work to step out from the crowd in the makeup world, some vital concepts must be acquired deeply in your finger tips at all times. Here’s is a photographer’s guide to working with a makeup artist, which will fasten your makeup knowledge and make your career within the makeup mainstream become such a breeze.

At all times, a makeup artist will start by applying base essentials such as, foundation, concealer, primer and powder. This usually smoothes out the complexion, reduce or levels redness and shine, and conceals under-eye shadows, wrinkles and scars. A great base is very important where any kind of blemished skin could be a nightmare to correct retroactively. Thus when applying base, many makeup artists will frequently start by putting on primer, a clear gel that blocks or fills in skin pores and makes it possible for makeup application to be rendered more smoothly. Second, the foundation is subsequently used to level skin tone and also create a clear canvas for makeup. Many people opt to mix liquid foundation with water and then eventually apply concealer where needed in order to cover spots, scars and blemishes. In addition, many makeup artists have a tendency of using a separate concealer to hide under-eye shadows and a drier, which is more concentrated to cover spots and blemishes. Also another subtle trick: using a highlighting pen on top of concealer work wonders when it comes to covering skin’s spots and blemishes. This can also do wonders in brightening aging skin. After a makeup artist is finished with the base, he or she will get ready the concealer with powder. This is very important because it prevents the powder shadows and blushes from sticking onto creamy spots on the skin.

In order to neatly define the bone structure and give the illusion of more neatly defined cheekbones, many makeup artists normally apply a neutral bronzer on both men and women. A highlighting powder can also be elicited right on top of the cheekbones layer to create a more striking dimension. As such, on women a blush is normally blended over the bronzer to produce a soft, natural flush.

Either way, using a shadow, mascara and eyeliner, a skilled makeup artist more likely bring out the color and heighten the shape of your subject’s eyes. Contrary to evening out skin tone, applying eyeshadow in the process of shooting a video is very difficult -- if not impossible, so hiring a highly skilled makeup artist comes in handy under such a situation. Although, initiating the task in Photoshop while working on a single image isn’t difficult, getting the overall image to look more dashing and neatly aligned between different shots might be tricky. Eye makeup very often seems to suit a great variety of women with light eyes and features. For example, purple shadows and liner can be used to enhance your subject’s green eyes, try it and see the striking results you’ll get. Eyeshadow works effectively when you also want to contour the subject’s eyes and reveal a brilliant inner depth. Also as part of the overall eye look setting, a makeup artist will often work on the brows too. Many of them use a pencil to carefully color in strokes, and subsequently use a powder to further soften the look.

Lastly, lips luster can be elicited using either a lip pencil, lipstick, gloss – or all of them altogether. Depending on the look you’re hoping to acquire, the lip color plays a vital part in order to achieve that stunning monochromatic look. Consequently, lip color happens to be the easiest facet of all makeup models a makeup artist can easily alter on set. So, if you want to take a series of striking shots with different lighting, wardrobe or set, having your makeup artist change the subject’s lip color can be a brilliant way to add to the new setting. You will be astonished how changing from an ordinary look to a bold lip color can dramatically alter the mood of the whole makeup scenario.

Above all else, the makeup partner you choose to work with should be your partner in crime towards acquiring great images at all times. It’s her job and worry to acknowledge the final purpose of all images that are taken -- be it on wedding occasions, senior photo, and fashion magazine – every image should standout to the point!. Although her main job, on the other hand, is to make sure your subject’s looks are neatly outlined to have a head start on creating extraordinary images. She is also equally important if you’re shooting video, clearly you’ll need someone who will take care of your subject’s scars, blemishes, and wrinkles effectively to ensure that the film at hand conjure hot images that are impressive to look at and awe-inspiring. Make sure you follow the makeup guideline highlighted above, and you’ll without a doubt be able to effectively share and collaborate with your makeup artist on set.

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