Most of the great modeling agencies nowadays are looking for their new faces via Instagram!

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This media platform has become as important for models as their portfolio. So how do you get scouted on Instagram? Here are the most important tips for you.


Modeling scouts have to be able to view your profile, so set your personal Instagram account to public view. There is no need to create a separate business account, use the one you already have. Build the subtle feed, go through your account and delete all pictures that are not suitable, just keep the best ones. Be mindful of the content as your potential employer can see it. Make sure you have your contact information in the bio, put your email and living location so that modeling agencies can contact you.



Modeling agencies are searching for natural talent, and they should be able to get an insight into your personality and image when on your Instagram, so make sure to upload content that reflects who you are. Choose photos that highlight your natural beauty and uniqueness, that reflect your life and you in different environments. Focus on images that show your personality, body shape, and facial features. Think of the things you're passionate about in life. Let's say if you're all about a healthy lifestyle, don't be shy about trying to encourage and motivate your followers by sharing examples from your personal life. Or if you're a "gym freak," go ahead and spread some love and energy with your audience. Back in 2015, we had a pleasure to shoot a session with Alexis Ren, who is a great inspiration for all young girls. She is a successful model and just a wonderful person.


Check out her Instagram account to get some insight.



Create a lot of content (!!!), organize your photoshoots, collaborate with photographers, make-up artists, hairstylists. Follow their accounts, comment on their posts and you'll see, they will connect you at some point. Ask photographers to do BTS (Behind the Scenes) photoshoots of your actual photoshoots, we do it for our customers all the time. You can also collaborate with the designers, fashion startups, or brands that you admire (groove on) and promote their products. Make meaningful posts for your followers, they need to feel you share the same values. Write a story for the pictures you are posting, just be yourself, and be real with your followers.


There are plenty of ways to create an engaging feed with a cool aesthetic; to choose yours scroll through your existing feed and see what aesthetic your favorite photos have in common. Look at your Instagram feed as a whole, how do all of your photos fit together. Be mindful of the colors if you like to use filters, choose one that matches the best and use it for all pictures. You can use apps, such as VSCO/Facetune, to bring a little more contrast, warmth, brightness to the photos. Try to be original and creative in your own way. To preview your feed beforehand, you can use visual planners, such as Visual Instagram Planner or "Planoly". This way, you can move your photos around to create the best vibe and to see what works best for you. You can also schedule your posts beforehand. The key to success is to post a lot of content every day, try to make at least 2-6 posts a day.


The rule of thumb is - Mark your photos to be discovered as a model!!!
Including hashtags to all of your posts are crucial.

Below is a list of the most active and relevant hashtags by Country/City


Elite Models

Wilhelmina Models

New York Models

IMG Models

IMG Models Men

LA Models

LA Models Youth Division

Elite Model Management Miami


Cocaine Models / Germany

Modelwerk / Germany

Munich Models

Management / Italy

The Face Paris

New Generation / Netherlands

There are many more widely used hashtags, we included just the most relevant.


Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your audience, and you can make them as creative and interactive as you want.  Show your followers what a model’s life looks like, share your personal experience, and create exciting and unique content. Instagram provides a way to share recorded videos as well as live videos in Stories. According to the statistics, by 2021, 80% of all web traffic will likely be video traffic. So use it for your benefit!
You can also save your videos to Stories Highlights, which is a great way to keep stories and let people see them whenever they visit your profile. Make a few different categories for stories that you will save, for example - Modeling, Castings, Beauty, and so on.


One of the alternative options is to direct message the Instagram pages of modeling agencies. Some modeling agencies prefer potential models to direct message them, but others might not have it specified. You can also attach two small size images of you and a quick note when direct messaging a modeling agency. Your note might want to say something like: "I’ve been hearing wonderful things about your agency and would love to work with you". Include your age, height, measurements, citizenship, and any agencies currently representing you, if any.  Make sure you are contacting the authorized Instagram pages of the modeling agencies you’re interested in. You can also look for personal accounts of scouts/bookers and direct message them as well (we don't include the list here as we respect their privacy)! Don't message all the agencies/scouts at the same time. Do it one by one, wait for the response and then message the next one taking into consideration the comments that you get from the previous one. Don’t be upset if you don’t hear back right away! Be patient, and then pursue other agencies. Success takes hard work, time, and dedication to your craft!

Don't underestimate the importance of Instagram as a powerful marketing tool! Good luck with your modeling journey!