Show People Who You Are!

We will work very closely with you in order to create a professional headshot that's able to show everyone exactly who you are as an artist. We can even help you figure out the best headshot options for your particular artistry and invite you to think outside the box, which is always a good idea when it comes to being unique! Both indoor and outdoor portrait photography are available options.

CEOportrait has helped hundreds of artists, bloggers, athletes, DJs, and other creative people present the professional images they need to be successful. For example, we understand that music is a fast-paced, exciting business, and an electrifying album cover stands the test of time. And when you need top-quality album or song cover images that need to go out to the publisher or to iTunes right away, CEOportrait can help. Our professional photographers can ensure your pictures look amazing and get turned around quickly to meet your tight deadlines. Even better, each of our packages comes with unlimited usage rights so you can use your pictures for advertising, printing, promotions and more at no extra cost. Don't forget to present yourself on your Wikimedia page, as you need to be sure that you are perceived in the best possible way. We would love to show you how to implement that, as well as SEO for your site and the best practice how to promote your new professional pictures on social media.