Commercial and Theatrical Headshots

It's essential for every actor to have the absolute best and most professional actor headshots on them at all times because they never know when they may need to promote themselves. And because we understand how significant it is that all acting headshots are absolutely perfect because they're so essential to an actor's success, we're confident in our ability to provide you with the best actor headshots.

An actor’s first foot in the door isn’t the play they did in high school; it’s the professional headshot that accompanies their portfolio. We’ve worked with hundreds of aspiring and successful actors and actresses to help them land their dream gigs. When you need a photography team that knows the difference between Theater acting and Hollywood pictures, CEOportrait can give you the modern, creative, or old-school headshot you need. To do that, we work directly with acting schools and teachers for guidance to create the best acting portfolio. Even if you already have one, together we will find a way to update and improve it to meet your specific professional goals; all so you can achieve them in a shortest period of time. CEOportrait always works until your full satisfaction.